How I Started

As a teen I started with the bank as a member services representative. People would tell me about not only their financial issues but their personal issues. It taught me to listen. It taught me about compassion. I grew as a person as I helped them deal with their needs. I took these skills and experiences and worked my way up to assistant manager. As the assistant manager I learned the inner workings of the finance industry. I also learned customer satisfaction leads to success. Offer a great product and great customer service, and you will succeed.

After working in every aspect of the bank, mortgages and lending piqued my interest. I moved on from assistant manager to become a consumer lender. This was where I really built my knowledge in mortgages, loans, credit and everything you can imagine. From all the information I gathered I started to realize I wanted to be a mortgage broker.

I believed with all the skills, experience and education I gathered, I could truly excel as a mortgage broker.

And here I am today absolutely loving every decision I’ve made along the way. Whether a mortgage or refinance I know I am the ideal mortgage broker for you.

sandi at desk


Winnipeg Humane Society

Sandi and dogI am an animal lover. I’ve had dogs my whole life and my two kids will grow up the same. As I progress in my life and business, it is my goal to give back along the way. On top of volunteering at various events and charities, with every deal I make with my clients, I make a contribution to the Winnipeg Humane Society.